7ABBEYLANE / EP3 / No1 Abbey Lane Revisited – Tudor Home Restoration

Published on March 27, 2024

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The House Restorer: No1 Abbey Lane revisited – Tudor Home Restoration

In this episode we revisit No.1 Abbey lane and get to see some footage of the finished house that BBC Restoration Homes didn’t cover.

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Sally and Stuart’s previous house restoration featured on the BBC show Restoration Home. 10 years on it’s complete and now their family home and guest house. Now they start on the new home restoration project just 3 doors up the road.

Using knowledge they have learnt they now have the upper hand on beginning this new challenge in their lives. The question is can they complete it by the deadline of Summer 2021.

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Abbey Road Farm Bed & Breakfast

Abbey Road Farm Bed & Breakfast, 7ABBEYLANE / EP3 / No1 Abbey Lane Revisited – Tudor Home Restoration.

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7ABBEYLANE / EP3 / No1 Abbey Lane Revisited – Tudor Home Restoration, Play latest full length videos about Abbey Road Farm Bed & Breakfast.

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