Brightside Farm Sanctuary

Published on November 11, 2021

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Two weeks ago, I went down to Brightside Farm Sanctuary at Cradoc and interviewed Emma Haswell, the founder of the animal sanctuary, for a short film for her to place on her website, and perhaps for Emma to use in her public engagements, in schools and around various communities.

I knew only a few things about Emma and the sanctuary – that she had given my daughter a lifetime’s worth of conversation topics after arriving to address a staff meeting at Breast Screen Tasmania with a pig (the one featured in the video) and an unruly ram that stood still only if Gabby kept patting it, and that Brightside was a place where animals that had been treated cruelly were taken in and given shelter.

Other members of the film crew that day were my good friends Doug Armstrong and Noel and Annette Excell.

I was surprised by the number of animals there and understood immediately what a good person Emma is. Brave! Stoic! Determined! Passionate! Dedicated! Kind! Caring! Warm! Just!

The footage in the film of Emma with the animals shows vividly what a tender, compassionate and beautiful person she is. Look at the way she interacts with them! The film also describes the daunting task before her and outlines what we can do to help. I hope you will watch it, that it gets you stirred up and gets you moving.

Farm Sanctuary Watkins Glen Map

Farm Sanctuary Watkins Glen Map, Brightside Farm Sanctuary.

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I know of one couple that were banking on running a bed and breakfast to support their pension. The villagers go about their preparations for the day. As long as I cared for her daughter and treated her right she mored than happy.

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Often the village headman, the Khamnan, wakes us up with a speech on the village loudspeaker system. He discusses social issues, or what is next on the social calendar. I tune him out as he drones on for about one hour. The villagers set about their preparations for the day. I do not even discover when the Khamnan stops talking until I suddenly recognize that the buzzing sound in my ears has actually gone and it’s almost quiet once again.

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