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Published on June 9, 2022

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We are so excited to introduce Freddie, Lenny and Otis. Three amazing boys who were rescued as babies. Although they didn’t have their moms to raise them, they were in the incredible hands of Farm Sanctuary – our heroes. They were bottle fed, brought back to health, and transported to their forever home at Peacefield. Here is their story! 🎬 If you need any help making the switch to a plant based diet please get in touch. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done. These are crazy times so NO pressure but if you’d like to join the team and support our work we are a 501(c)(3) all volunteer organization and we’ll make sure any donation is put to good use! Along those same lines please check out Farm Sanctuary! They are also a non-profit who we’ve supported and admired for years and it was such an honor to work with them on this rescue. If you’d like to visit please keep an eye on our events, and also check out the airbnb guest house if you’d like to stay at the farm! These boys are gentle, goofy, and full of life. THANK YOU Farm Sanctuary for all you’ve done for them. They are going to plant so many seeds of compassion within the visitors at Peacefield! For more info on events, the airbnb, donations, etc
And a HUGE thank you to our dear friend Jena of Gatormod Custom Carpentry for crafting the most beautiful home for these sweet cows and generously donating her time.

the Farm Sanctuary Watkins Glen

the Farm Sanctuary Watkins Glen, COW RESCUE WITH FARM SANCTUARY ???? ???? ????????????.

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It is all on one level. Upstairs was for hay or grain – which also did a fair task of insulating. Walls were built from local stone – a number of feet or more thick. No structures naturally, simply built on the ground. With walls that thick they barely move in centuries, and as long as the roofing remains in great condition these are prime French restoration product. These old French Farmhouses typically do not have much in the way of sanitation. Often simply a soak-away – which is essentially a hole in the ground. If you want to refurbish you require to put in a modern system or you do not get preparing approval. Only practical really.

Around 4 pm the very first drops fall and quickly travel Farmhouses develop into a raging storm that bangs on the tin roof, making it nearly impossible to hear each other talk. Maybe this describes why so many upcountry Thais have very loud voices. They all shout out at each other as they pass each other’s houses.

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