Executive Chef Anthony Hull

Published on December 27, 2022

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Executive Chef Anthony Hull, knew from a very early age that he was going to live and breathe for the wonders of the culinary art. “I simply enjoy food, eating food, shopping for food, being around food, connecting food with nature and gardening” explains Anthony Hull, who recognizes that this way of thinking was shaped by his grandparents, who taught him the importance of turning every meal into a family experience.

The physic function of eating its vital, Hull says, but it should be more than that. He thinks that enjoying a culinary plate should develop fond and shared memories and exclusive experiences, and this is what set him apart from the crowd and pushed his career forward.

Right now, Anthony Hull is the man responsible for both, back and front house of the Crimson Tavern restaurant located at Marriot Lakeside, Orlando, Florida, where he has established a philosophy of farm-to-table cuisine with a carefully Chef crafted experience.

It took him around 10 years to actually develop this vision and has been very successful in the two and half years of service of the Crimson Tavern. The secret of this philosophy is about focusing all the efforts in the local sustainability and lowering the ecological footprint, and at the same time keeping the responsibilities of being part of a global brand.

It all started when Anthony Hull asked the Lakeside Marriot for an authorization to turn a volleyball court into a garden where they could begin to grow some natural ingredients for the cuisine. At first, the restaurant was a very successful Steak House, but it got hit by the 2011 unpredictable economic shift that diminished the amount of visitors it used to receive, forcing the shutdown of the place.

This was seen as an opportunity by Hull, who proposed to give a new life to the restaurant and turn it into a place where groups of corporate travelers came and didn’t wanted to leave. And that’s how the Crimson Tavern was born, a place where local farmers, farms and artisans could be part of the process and of course the relevance of gardening as a central idea, so it could lower the amount of products they had to bring in.

“We are expecting an olive harvest, we have all the trees at back”, proudly claims Anthony Hull, who explains that this is actually a 5 year project to reach the stage they want to.

He is really into cooking honest food, with a history to tell, and making all its visitors leave with an amazing experience they didn’t expect to get, and that’s when Anthony Hull knows they are fulfilling their goals.

Hull O Farms Reviews

Hull O Farms Reviews, Executive Chef Anthony Hull.

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Executive Chef Anthony Hull, Get interesting complete videos relevant with Hull O Farms Reviews.

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