Funny Farm FILMING LOCATIONS | Then and Now | NYC to Vermont

Published on July 19, 2021

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In this video you will see most of the Filming Locations seen in the 1988 Chevy Chase Comedy Classic!

It begins with the opening scene location. Where Andy and Elizabeth Farmer left their nyc apartment behind for greener pastures. You will then see the house and property that became their new country home. Including the spots where the Maniac Mailman would throw The Farmers mail out to the window onto the ground, instead of delivering to the box. In response a determined and refusing to give up Andy launched an ambitious counter offensive in camouflage. The failed surprise attack ended with a publisher’s new Lincoln Town Car being destroyed by a boulder, and the mail once again all over the ground.

After that close up look, you will visit the town square that had the antiques shop, restaurant and Christmas Tree. Next up is the bridge! Seen twice during the moving scene. It’s the one that collapses but didn’t really collapse. It’s come to my knowledge that they took another nearby bridge down for the production and not the Downers Bridge. Thanks to a considerate resident of the area who left a comment to this video. Lastly, you will see the Fishing Derby Pond. Andy is forced to abandon ship and head for shore after hooking the wrong fish. The same place the sherif drives into the water.

Filming took place in the Vermont Towns of: Townshend, Grafton, Weathersfield and Windsor. All were used to create the fictitious Town of Redbud. The Vermont Towns are all within the same County.

New York City is also seen during the intro scene of the movie.
It was shot between August and November of 1987.

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Liberty Hill Farm & Inn VT

Liberty Hill Farm & Inn VT, Funny Farm FILMING LOCATIONS | Then and Now | NYC to Vermont.

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Funny Farm FILMING LOCATIONS | Then and Now | NYC to Vermont, Watch more updated videos relevant with Liberty Hill Farm & Inn VT.

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