Good vs Bad Rabbit Cages

Published on December 14, 2023

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Good and Bad cages to use for your rabbit!
These are MY personal opinion on cages and you can take it or leave it 🙂
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Alot of people talk about sore hocks and I do think Sore Hocks are more genetic then flooring and Wire cages can be fine! The BIGGEST reason why I don’t like wire cages is because they are small and wire would get yucky over time and walking on wire all day doesn’t seem like the best but whatever floats your boat.
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Storm: Rabbit_Male_Mixed Breed
Misty: Rabbit_Female_Holland Lop

Echo: Hamster_Female_Head Spot Roborovski

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Farm Sanctuary Rating

Farm Sanctuary Rating, Good vs Bad Rabbit Cages.

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The most common example of a gentle rat trap is the small mouse cage specifically designed to draw and catch a rodent. We have to try to find it – discover it – and act upon it. Farms in Kentucky are not just for producing crops either.

Good vs Bad Rabbit Cages, Play latest full videos about Farm Sanctuary Rating.

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You require to have an appropriate vision set in mind when you set out to build a chicken home. What should be the size of the coop, what product would you require for it and what would be the design? Huge chicken cages have double floors and are developed quite elegantly. On the other hand, there are basic cages that are roomy and have different compartments. It likewise depends upon the number of chickens you have!

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