Griffin Creek Vineyard | FOR SALE

Published on August 24, 2023

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Welcome to Griffin Creek Vineyard, a prime production vineyard located in
southwest Medford, Oregon. Situated on 26.01 acres, the property is fully covered with water rights from the Talent Irrigation District and has 22.94 net acres of mixed varietal vineyard. The phenomenal location is just minutes from all the conveniences of Medford and is centrally located within Southern Oregon. The convenient location and good traffic count make the
property well-suited for a tasting room with an on-site vineyard for consumer sales. The excellent access off of paved Griffin Creek Road lends well to equipment and product transportation as well. The overall shape of the property is also well suited for agriculture and allows for efficient farming. Properties of this size, combined with the established vineyard and water rights, are rarely available within southern Oregon. This property offers someone a great opportunity for an income-producing property with historical production.

Abbey Road Farm In Oregon

Abbey Road Farm In Oregon, Griffin Creek Vineyard | FOR SALE.

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Everyone is there for the exact same reason and you’ll find that making pals comes quickly. Speak to personnel and residents if you can, as these are individuals you’ll be dealing with.

Griffin Creek Vineyard | FOR SALE, Play latest updated videos relevant with Abbey Road Farm In Oregon.

Wood Shutters For Your Home

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