Inside a £700,000 luxury new build in the North East of England

Published on March 1, 2023

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00:00 Intro & location
01:20 Entrance & floorplan
01:40 Living room/study
02:17 Main living room
02:57 Open plan kitchen/family room
06:08 First floor
09:37 Principle bedroom
11:21 Garden

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Hull-O Farms in Durham

Hull-O Farms in Durham, Inside a £700,000 luxury new build in the North East of England.

Wood Porch Swings – A Non-Traditional Method For House Embellishing Ideas

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Inside a £700,000 luxury new build in the North East of England, Find latest videos about Hull-O Farms in Durham.

Wood Patio Swings – A Non-Traditional Way For House Decorating Ideas

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