Inspirational Small-Scale Permaculture Homestead | Low Cost Self-Sufficiency on Less Than an Acre

Published on February 14, 2021

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In my opinion, Byther Farm is one of the best examples of how you can produce a huge amount of food whilst being on a tight budget. This is self-sufficiency in the truest form. Find out how Liz went from being bedbound due to illness to now being self-sufficient as well as feeding 20 other local families in just a few short years. This is what permaculture is about, this is proof that dreams can be realised no matter how little resources you may have available. Liz started with creating a raised bed vegetable garden and now has a full small-scale homestead featuring a maturing food forest, poultry, undercover growing and much more.

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Hull O Farms NY

Hull O Farms NY, Inspirational Small-Scale Permaculture Homestead | Low Cost Self-Sufficiency on Less Than an Acre.

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Inspirational Small-Scale Permaculture Homestead | Low Cost Self-Sufficiency on Less Than an Acre, Play most shared full videos about Hull O Farms NY.

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