Love Knows No Distance | Abbey Road Farms Oregon Wedding

Published on July 30, 2021

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Love Knows No Distance | Abbey Road Farms Oregon Wedding

Hannah and Eric spent 3 years of their relationship through long distance. That didn’t stop them from knowing their forever was together. For Hannah and Eric, their wedding wasn’t all about the glam; it was about the people who were there to celebrate the day with them. It was about those special moments shared with mom, dad, close family, and friends that mattered to them the most.

It’s not every day you have the privilege and opportunity to film one of your best friend’s weddings. I am so extremely blessed and thankful to have known Eric and Hannah over the years. The love the two of them have will forever inspire me.

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Abbey Road Farm B&b

Abbey Road Farm B&b, Love Knows No Distance | Abbey Road Farms Oregon Wedding.

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Love Knows No Distance | Abbey Road Farms Oregon Wedding, Enjoy new full videos relevant with Abbey Road Farm B&b.

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Outdoor Locations – Outdoor wedding venues are primarily either open premises, parks, wedding lawns or substantial Farmhouses which can be leased for the big day.

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