Metal detecting Liberty Hill a 1700's home #254 finding coins & relics – Garrett ATGOLD Detector

Published on May 16, 2024

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Metal detecting Liberty hill a 1700’s home site cellar & finding old copper coins relics Garrett ATGOLD XP deus metal detectors.
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We find a virgin cellar hole deep in the woods of New Hampshire on the side of a mountain that we go metal detecting for the day. As soon as we start swinging our coils we are quickly finding colonial dandy buttons and other 1700s relics. Keebs with his XP Deus metal detector ends up finding several hibernia coins and a beautiful knee buckle. Waynos with his ATGOLD digs some beautiful old 1700s dandy buttons & Digger Charlie scores a hard to find 1798 draped bust large cent. Lady liberty is shining bright on this one.

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Stealth Diggers metal detecting relic hunting New Hampshire NH
cellar hole abandoned colonial homes from the 1700s
Stealth Digger Nation SDN Garrett atgold metal detector Deus xp Video filmed with Canon 80D video
Episode #254 Liberty Hill Metal detecting 1700s colonial cellar holes in New Hampshire coins and relics

Liberty Hill Farm & Inn

Liberty Hill Farm & Inn, Metal detecting Liberty Hill a 1700's home #254 finding coins & relics – Garrett ATGOLD Detector.

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Metal detecting Liberty Hill a 1700's home #254 finding coins & relics – Garrett ATGOLD Detector, Find latest updated videos about Liberty Hill Farm & Inn.

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