NEW TRAMPOLINE GAME!! Backyard Water Park Routine with Dad!

Published on September 22, 2022

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we surprise Jenny and Niko with a backyard invention and a fun picnic!


Best Trampoline Day Ever 969

You know when you have those awesome memories of family fun when you were a little kid? and then you realize that you could be making those same kind of memories with Adley?!! That’s what happened today, it’s starting to feel like summer time so we decide that it would be fun to have a family day in the backyard but I want to introduce Adley to a great new game I played as a kid.

At the store we get our supplies, for this game we need a hose and a sprinkler. While were their Adley finds a new pet butterfly (it’s really a garden decorations, but its fun to pretend play and this one is easy to catch). We load up the car and head back to the house, grabbing some surprise lunch for Jenny and baby Bear as we do.

We head into our awesome backyard and set up the hose and sprinkler under the trampoline! It’s now our very own trampoline water park and it’s just as amazing as I remembered it. We get the whole family jumping, Adley and Niko both love it!!!

Jenny has the great idea of hanging out by our fire pit this evening, the first time we’ve done it this year. We invite Nick and Brandon from the spacestation crew over to hang out with us and cook some s’mores. Tons of fun and at one point, Aldey disappears to change into a swim suit, cause she wants to play on the splash pad. She’s crazy!! I think we unleashed the beast with all the beaches and swimming with fishes in Hawaii..

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Here’s some stuff we use:
Office decked out by our friends at Fully:
Desks –
Chairs –
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Wide Lens:
Zoom Lens:
Cool Longboards:
Sweet Keyboard:

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Hull O Farms Tripadvisor

Hull O Farms Tripadvisor, NEW TRAMPOLINE GAME!! Backyard Water Park Routine with Dad!.

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NEW TRAMPOLINE GAME!! Backyard Water Park Routine with Dad!, Explore new full length videos about Hull O Farms Tripadvisor.

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