Smart Towns: An Echo Amid the Oaks: The Story of Calvin Greene

Published on July 16, 2022

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Presented by Dean Masters, this program tells the story of Rochester’s Calvin Greene (1817-1898), who corresponded with Henry David Thoreau. Learn about Greene’s life, his family, friendships, letters, and legacy.

Smart Towns is a collaborative program series with Oakland University, Rochester University, Rochester-Avon Historical Society, Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm, Meadow Brook Hall, and Ascension. For more about Smart Towns, visit

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Liberty Hill Farm & Inn Rochester VT

Liberty Hill Farm & Inn Rochester VT, Smart Towns: An Echo Amid the Oaks: The Story of Calvin Greene.

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Smart Towns: An Echo Amid the Oaks: The Story of Calvin Greene, Enjoy most searched updated videos about Liberty Hill Farm & Inn Rochester VT.

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