Restoration Home: Abbey Lane (Before and After) | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

Published on June 9, 2022

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Historic houses, both humble and grand, have all played their part in the story of Britain. Today many are at risk and some in danger of being lost forever. Caroline Quentin returns to follow the fortunes of six more properties, all facing their own struggle for survival, all with committed new owners wanting to turn them into their dream homes.

In Tudor times, the majority of houses were timber-framed, but only a few survive. Abbey Lane in Warwickshire is a forgotten gem. Believed to date from the early 16th century, this house is not formally protected as a listed building and when it was put on the market it was clear it needed a lot of work. Professional couple Sally and Stuart, who had been searching for their ideal family home, saw past the decay and bought it.

The puzzle surrounding Abbey Lane is that its timber frame is unusually elm and not oak while other architectural features indicate that it was more than a family house. One thing is for certain, the condition of the timber skeleton is shockingly frail and half of the rear frame needs rebuilding. Costs slip and work stops. Will Sally and Stuart manage to turn Abbey Lane into their dream home?

Crumbling, ancient houses are brought back to life by passionate owners as they restore and convert them into striking 21st century homes, unravelling the properties’ extraordinary past lives through their architectural and social history.

Grand Designs meets Who Do You Think You Are? Presented by Caroline Quentin, Restoration Home follows private owners of crumbling historic buildings as they save them from ruin and restore them into wonderful 21st century homes. With the help of architectural expert, Kieran Long, and social historian, Dr. Kate Williams, Restoration Home turns detective to unravel the properties’ astonishing lives. As the new owners transform the buildings into their homes, the family trees of these crumbling ruins start to emerge. Tales of Kings and Queens, murder, civil unrest, moments that shocked and shaped Britain are revealed as these buildings are brought back to life.

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Abbey Road Farmhouse

Abbey Road Farmhouse, Restoration Home: Abbey Lane (Before and After) | History Documentary | Reel Truth History.

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Restoration Home: Abbey Lane (Before and After) | History Documentary | Reel Truth History, Get new full videos related to Abbey Road Farmhouse.

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